In Charlotte Mark Anthony Cox is going to be prosecuted under a new law for killing both Danielle Watson and her unborn baby.

This news is absolutely amazing. Here an unborn baby has been given the dignity that the prosecution has called for two counts of murder to stand — one for the mother and one for the unborn child. Shouldn’t this show all of us that we all know, deep down, that the unborn baby is a human being with rights to live like the rest of us? I praise this law for doing what we should have done long ago — respect life at all ages. But we are being hypocrites here if we don’t consider how this applies squarely with abortion:

Abortion kills unborn babies at any age and for any reason. This fiend in the article killed the mother and child to steal valuables, but you can go and legally kill your unborn child if you don’t like her gender. Isn’t this crazy? That we can kill our own children in the womb when we don’t “want” them, but this fiend is put in jail because he didn’t “want” his victims to live? Both are parallels. I know that mothers in hard times are not savage like this fiend, but their actions against their own child’s life results in the same thing: the cruel death of an innocent life. There is no good reason to kill an innocent life after birth, so why should there be any reason to kill her before birth?

You can find abortion centers that can legally kill you unborn child at ages when children are being prematurely born. Let me ask you a very important question: Is it murder to take a pair of tweezers, go to a hospital, and dismember one of those “preemies” in the hospital incubators? One of those little babies weighing only ounces and are so fragile? I couldn’t imagine anyone in their right mind who would say that such an action is not murder! It is one of the most despicable acts you can conceive of!

Yet that is exactly what happens in many abortions. In the dilation and evacuation abortion, a doctor’s forceps reaches into the mother’s uterus and twists off legs and arms off from the unborn child until all the body parts are outside the mother. The child is literally dismembered. Other abortion techniques use a suction machine to suck the baby out, and the child ends up being broken to bits in the process of the powerful machine. A third abortion technique, the saline abortion, uses a salt poison to slowly kill the child in the womb. It was invented by the Nazis. That alone should tell you something.

This is sickening. There is no other way to put it nicely — it is sickening! These are real abortion techniques — this is how it is really done. Don’t believe me? Abortionists know that this is how they do it — how else would you remove the little body from within a mother’s womb? But they won’t advertize their methods — because that would be bad for business. And the abortion industry is a billion-dollar business — they are getting rich off the right to kill unborn children. They are exactly like what environmentalists think of big businesses killing animals and trees from their pollutants just to make money — this is just what the abortion industry does. Abortionists often make 3 times more money than other doctors.

So if anyone is deceptive, just follow the money. The prolife movement makes no money, but uses its own little funds to save these innocent children. But the abortion industry is making billions of dollars under the guise that it’s helping women — but it’s not. To kill your own child will haunt you if you have a conscience. There are huge support groups for women suffering post-abortive stress — because they realized that they killed their own children.

We are living in a new Holocaust. Millions of children are being systematically murdered every day across the world and we don’t even know it — or we even celebrate it — sick! Please stop — please stop this madness. Do not support abortion anymore in any way, shape, or form. Do not vote for those supporting abortion, and do not abort your own child. If your circumstances are difficult, seek adoption or the courage to raise your own child instead of murdering him. Don’t be someone like Anthony Cox (if he’s indeed guilty), who killed a mother and child just for his own convenience. Whatever your circumstances are, they cannot justify the killing of a born or unborn child — they are all living human beings deserving to live. Stop the madness now.

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