If you would like to know more information about God, the reliability of the Bible, creation/evolution, or other topics, we have compiled some great websites and books below for your enjoyment:

  • 4truth.net — discusses (1) the historical basis of Jesus’ resurrection and the Bible and (2) the claims of other religions and beliefs in comparison to Christianity. Very thorough, informative site.
  • carm.org — in-depth articles on the compelling evidence for the resurrection and Biblical manuscripts, and addresses problems such as the “Lost Gospels” and other questions. Readers can submit questions for answer. Also has a thorough inclusion of other beliefs and religions, such as relativism, Wicca, etc.
  • creationscience.com — Dr. Walt Brown has compiled an encyclopedic array of creation evidence, yet it is quite readable for the educated layman. His hydroplate theory is a unique scientific explanation of how the Biblical flood actually happened: If you have ever wondered “Where did all that water come from?” then his online book provides a sound and fascinating answer.
  • Stay tuned: more great sites to come . . .