As a young person still doing my schooling and living with my parents, I would be in big trouble if I got pregnant. Already my schooling takes up the vast majority of my time; when I’m not doing schooling, I’m watching shows at night or trying to have some enjoying-time in-between all the activities that take up the day. If I had a baby now, my whole life would be turned upside down . . .

Since I’m not married or anything, having a baby would be a lot of trouble, and someone may advise me to have an abortion. There’s all this controversy about abortion, with people picking prochoice or prolife sides and shouting slogans at one another: “It’s a woman’s right to choose.” “Abortion’s murder!” “Get out of my uterus.” “Give your baby a chance.”

Though I’m not having a baby and so I don’t have to worry about deciding what to do, maybe you do have to worry about it. Maybe very soon, you have to face that choice, and lots of people are going to tell you what to do.

But “it’s my choice, right?” Yes, it’s your choice. The question is, what will you choose? Are you in this difficult situation? Many other people have had to make hard choices. If it helps you, this movie I saw presents an interesting choice to seven young people who change their minds 180 degrees! I really had fun watching it – and a couple times I cried. Beginning first with a challenging scenario about what you would do in 1930s Nazi Germany if you were forced at gunpoint to do something horrible, this little 33 minutes swings to the present-day and asks a question that turned its seven interviewees’ minds upside down:

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