What’s missing in this world? That’s easy: God. Without God, there’s no absolute of goodness to which we can set as a standard for everything we do. Without God, there is no hope or purpose for living. Without God, there is no justice, because only He can offer up what each man is worth at the end of the day (his life), regardless of the fame or money he has achieved through his wiles in this mortal earth. But most importantly, we lose out by forgetting God because we miss the most important fact that He does indeed exist and that He cares about us. The complexity of life demands an architect; the beauty of life demands an artist. The evil in life is like a shadow, a portion of land where light is absent. This presupposes that light is indeed there. The salvation story, that the prophesied Christ died for the sin of humanity, showed how God used the greatest evil, the murder of God’s very Son on earth, to bring out the greatest good, the salvation of hopeless souls to live with Him in perfect harmony, through no work of our own.

When society decided that it didn’t need God, it missed one of the most important things in life: a foundation for goodness, a foundation for morality, a foundation for selflessness — a reason for putting others before yourself. Because in God, we see how in many ways He put His children before Himself, when He gave His own life for us.