I don’t understand it.

I recently made a facebook account, and, just like me, starting posting a bunch of stuff on my “fascinations”: God and the evidence for God. Ever since I was a doubting teenager, knowing if my beliefs were true has always been a top priority. Whether God exists and Who He is can make all the difference in how we’re to view the past, act in the present, and hope in the future. It’s practically the most important issue of our lives.

But barely anyone commented on my posts. And when I read their posts, they don’t seem very interested in answering the “big questions” of life. It reminds me of a story I read in Jesus Among Other Gods: There was this Hindu woman who wanted to get blessed by a passing statue of one of the many gods in India. I think it was a statue, or maybe something else, but she went through the hustle and bustle of the throng and ceremony just to get blessed. A passerby asked her if she really believed that the statue (or whatever it was) would bless her. Surprisingly, she admitted that it was just a fun ritual, feeling light about it like she had just been greeted with a casual “good-luck” wish.

It saddened me a little, because many are just like her: They take great pains to prepare for and pick the right college, career, house, and spouse, but when it comes to their worldview, they just take what they got, without questions asked. How can we know what we believe is true, unless we look for verification of its truth? We would do the same before buying a car or house — why not a worldview? After all, no matter how beautiful the building is or joyous the celebration, all religions, spiritualisms, creeds, and isms must be based on fact. Hopefully we take the time to make sure the facts back up what we hold dear.